NBNW Movie Ratings System


My rating system for movies is based on how much time, effort, and/or money I'm willing to put in to see it.  Going from highest to lowest:


1) "Shut up and take my money!"

I would happily pay full price to see it, even worth braving a packed theater on opening day. Not a rating I give lightly. (Examples: Deadpool; Ghostbusters (the original one); Empire Strikes Back; the first Matrix movie.)

2) "Worth putting on pants and leaving the house."

I would pay full price at the theater under normal conditions, i.e. when the theater is not fully packed. (Examples: Logan; Spiderman Homecoming; most of the Star Wars movies; the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films.)

3) "I dunno... is there a matinee?"

I might make time to see it at a reduced price at an early showing or bargain theater (Examples: X-Men Apocalypse; Alien Covenant; the recent live-action Ghost in the Shell movie).

4) "Meh."

I'll take the opportunity to see it free on cable or a plane trip, and in some cases MIGHT be willing to pay two or three bucks to rent it or see it on-demand (Examples: the Ghostbusters reboot; most Transformers movies; 0.5% of SyFy Channel-produced movies).  

5) "Better than being at work... barely."

If it's free and I have nothing better to do, I MIGHT watch it.  (Examples: Batman v Superman; 49.5% of SyFy Channel-produced movies.)

6) "I'd rather be at work."

If I was forced to choose between losing a leg or watching the movie, I'd have to think about it. (Examples: the Fantastic Four reboot; Battlefield Earth; the remaining half of the SyFy Channel-produced movies.)

7) "Take the leg."

In context of the rating above, it's pretty self explanatory. (Examples: Manos the Hands of Fate- the original, non-MST3K enhanced version.)


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